Heal the Divide on Campus – A ReACT Reading (New Script Series – March 2018)

Production Date: March 28, 2018

The ReACT Gallery is hosting a performance in the Anderson Sculpture Garden in partnership with Focal Theatre Lab and ISU’s MFA Program in Creative Writing and the Environment – a new initiative by @ProtestPlays titled Heal the Divide On Campus: An Opportunity for Inter-Collegiate Conversation Through Theatre.

In their words,

“Our hope is that by introducing short, brand new plays inspired by each playwright’s community, we can cultivate empathy and engage in inter-community conversations about social issues currently at play in our nation.”

More information on Heal the Divide on Campus can be found here.  Our event page is here.

Information about ReACT Gallery can be found at this link.


Hat Trick by Tiffany Antone
JP: Noah Allyn
Mike: Lavail Nolan

Meanwhile in the Rust Belt by Dan Fagen
Gavin: Mat Wymore
Kate: Sarah Etheridge

Gospel of the Glass Ceiling by Cassidy Noble
Priest: Audrey Susai

Redemption by Taylor Sklenar
Sean: Mat Wymore
Reggie: Noah Allyn

This is No Place for a Woman by Charissa Menefee
Martha: Sarah Etheridge
Judy: Audrey Susai

Warrior Child by Alexandria “Dory” Gartman
Phoebe: Alyson O’Hara

Thank You, Sean Dolinski by Straton Rushing
Man: Noah Allyn

Do not… by Ta’Ru Harris
Father: Lavail Nolan

If Hamlet Was a Girl by Charissa Menefee
Alyson O’Hara

Here Today by Charissa Menefee
She: Audrey Susai
He: Mat Wymore

Production Photos (Courtesy of ReACT Gallery)